Staff Writer Position

While this position is remote, understand that it is also UNPAID, but we will still provide other benefits as stated below.


  • Pitching stories to cover.
  • Submitting a minimum of 3 articles a week for news, or 1 article a week for opinions or reviews based on video game or anime culture. (Subject to change depending on what you're writing).
  • Locate pictures for the article and source appropriately.
  • Liaising with the Copy Editors to ensure all content meets high editorial standards.
  • Interview sources and establish rapport.


  • Solid understanding of Inverted Pyramid Format and AP style.
  • Understand how to best utilize SEO.
  • Have a deep understanding of either Anime or Video Game culture
  • Strong writing, research, copy writing, and copy editing skills, with the ability to transform articles from mediocre to amazing. 


  • A reserved space on the company staff page to show yourself off as a proud employee.
  • A room to publish your writing to your own creative will. 
  • We will provide you with free video games to review.
  • A comfortable work environment where you're free to be yourself.
  • We will provide you a reference for your future endeavors.

Please complete the form below and provide your resume and cover letter.

(Links to pdfs are acceptable as well).

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