Sword Gai: The Animation - Episode 14 Review


The latest addition to Sword Gai: The Animation has Marcus taking center stage uncovering the truth behind a series of lies, creating a another suspenseful episode.

The second episode of season 2 shifts gears from Gai’s suicidal attempt to Marcus showcasing his growth as a Chrysalis. However, his vulnerability in trusting a fake lover assigned by the organization he’s fighting for causes him to transform into a Busuoma. Marcus’s susceptibility to corruption continues to feed into the show’s underlying themes, but presents real life issues that add an element of intrigue to the show’s plot development.

It’s interesting to see how the show utilizes relational bonds and brokenness of one’s inner thoughts to demonstrate how frail the human heart and mind are when faced with unsettling truths about the world. This adds a layer of suspense as the show is now treading into territory that is beyond more than just Busoma transformations and sword fights. However, viewers have to pay attention to these themes in order to understand the show’s ulterior motives. Episodes like this one create a dynamic element of surprise through the organization that hunts down Chrysalis’s and uses these individuals as tools rather than being concerned for their overall well being.

While the focus on Marcus’s descent into madness improved the show’s pacing of action sequences and suspense, viewers are left with questions on the show’s next direction, and ultimately, Gai’s character. Not much is known on if Gai survived his fall or not. Regardless, Marcus is very interesting.

Sword Gai: The Animation is picking up the pieces from its poorly developed first half and setting them ablaze with the new direction on character development and insanity. Two previously established protagonists fall victim to their inner demons and the monsters lurking within their souls, weapons, and the organization they fight for.


Good Bad
Marcus' Maturity Gai's Unknown Status
The Plot Twist

- 7/10 -