Sword Gai: The Animation - Episode 16 Review


Marcus’ rampage as a Busoma and Shin’s sister create a semi interesting plot twist near the end, but not enough to save the episode.

Marcus’ fragmented mindset in reliving past memories makes him appear deranged and psychotic as he slaughters several innocent bystanders. Meanwhile, Shin’s sister escapes from the hospital when he sees her running and faces off with Marcus in his Busoma state. With Shin wielding the other Shiryu sword, the short bout the two characters have is entertaining but not enough to redeem the episode.

Sword Gai: The Animation’s continual struggle with sustaining its audience through its lack of captivating storytelling doesn’t change in this episode, but hints at something positive toward the episode’s end. Sadly, it takes approximately twenty-three minutes of the episode’s length to intrigue fans as to who the mysterious individual is at the Gabi shrine. Unfortunately, that brief scene was the only interesting plot twist in the episode.

One can only guess as to who the true identity of the mysterious traveler is, but the show’s unappealing characters and lack of focus on its story elements makes the viewing experience a chore. Shin’s character is the only lighthearted and positive addition to the show’s bleak premise, but his character is overshadowed by the inconsistency of the slow story line. Nonetheless, the hint of Gai’s return at the end could help bring some entertainment back to the series.

The animation of the fight scene between Shin’s powerful aura and Marcus’ Busoma state doesn’t disappoint as its crisp action sequences keeps viewers engaged as a distraction from the abysmal plot. Sword Gai: The Animation’s visual style has always been appealing, which is good considering how the show suffers everywhere else.

Only time will tell how Sword Gai: The Animation evolves as we approach the halfway point of the second season. So far, the journey has been a rocky one.


Good Bad
Shiryu's Power Unappealing Storyline
Shin's Goofiness The Doctor
Marcus' Death Marcus
Visually Appealing

- 5/10 -