Sword Gai: The Animation - Episode 15 Review


Sayaka’s constant sorrow echoes through the core of Sword Gai’s theme of darkness consuming the human heart, leaving a sad and bewildering impression.

Sayaka’s struggle in dealing with Gai’s suicide bubbles to the surface with her breaking free from her own sadness with a renewed conviction to help a dear friend. Meanwhile, three Chrysalis seek out Marcus, who transformed into a Busoma. But this episode leaves viewers feeling sad for Sayaka’s struggle and bewildered all at the same time as the random chain of events played out don’t aid in advancing the plot at all.

Sword Gai: The Animation struggled with constant scene transition from one new character to another without any breadcrumbs for viewers to follow along until later on. Season two’s third episode pulls the same tactic and leaves a bitter aftertaste, considering its previous episode delivered more entertainment and plot development. It wasn’t made clear if Gai did die or not from his suicide, but viewers are now left to believe that is the case considering how Sayaka’s been suffering. In a way, viewers can feel mislead in how the show has progressed and that all of the established protagonists are expendable.

The series’ bewildering scene transition creates a lot of concern for the show’s story progression as it continues to fail in delivering solid storytelling. Only time will tell with how the second season tries enticing viewers in continuing to watch. Sayaka seems to be the only redeeming quality for the show aside from her friend.

Sword Gai: The Animation’s fails on creating an engaging story with the number of inconsistences in its plot and so viewers may be waiting on bated breath for the show to transition into any sort of redeeming quality.


Good Bad
Sayaka's Recovery Inconsistent Storylines
Protagonists Dying
Experimentation On Children
Lack of Character Development
Gai's Death

- 5/10 -