Sword Gai: The Animation - Episode 12 Review


Sword Gai: The Animation’s underlying theme of violence being humanity’s greatest weakness echoes throughout the episode via Gai and Ichijo’s battle.

Gai and Ichijo’s face off with Zsoltgewinn ultimately leads them to battle with one another due to the rising urge to kill within their possessed hearts. All the while, Gai’s potential love interest and his polar opposite focus on peace and tranquility, but foreshadows the episode’s end of violence trumping over all that is good.

Season 1’s finale creates a bleak end where viewers can feel there isn’t any hope for humanity. Gai and Ichijo’s characters represent the struggle humans have with battling their own instinctual urges. The fight with Zsoltgewinn’s depicts this imagery well when analyzing Sword Gai: The Animation’s themes, although, even the climatic fight could have been more entertaining. Nonetheless, Ichijo’s character shines by being relatable during the episode’s dark moments, especially with how he views life even in his final hour.

Gai, on the other hand, shows a slight change in showing concern for Ichijo, but his broodiness inhibits his growth and likability. We can only assume that the second season may have Gai undergo a different type of transformation in how he develops into a more passionate person with a goal instead of the empty void he currently exudes. Gai’s character appeal suffers from his annoying traits, but in a sense, represents exactly what the creators wanted in telling the anime’s story. Especially when it comes to forming relationships. The show focuses on pairings of characters like Gai and Ichijo that create a dualistic philosophy where violence and peace become a recurring theme.

Character growth needs to be the primary focus in the second season as the episode’s bleak ending doesn’t generate an exciting feeling for fans to want to explore more. However, the animation superbly showcases the dark themes of Sword Gai: The Animation’s world through its use of dark crimson colors and computerized character transformations.

Sword Gai: The Animation’s transition into its second season leaves viewers feeling sad or even uninterested given lack of emotional drama and primary focal point of violence being part of human history.


Good Bad
Crisp Animation Unnecessarily Sad Cliffhanger
Gai's Transformation
Ichijo's Plight

- 7/10 -