Sword Gai: The Animation - Episode 11 Review


More truths are revealed about the Shoshidai’s goals while the commander’s backstory contributes to plot advancement as the first half of the show’s story edges closer to the end.

Gai’s return to the Shoshidai headquarters allows him to gain insight into the truth behind the organization for how Chrysalis’ are used and viewers learn more about the commander’s father before his corruption. Zsoltgewinn’s appearance sets up the final arc for the first half of the series, but the episode’s focus on its established characters aids the story’s entertainment value rather than hinder it like before.

The earlier episodes struggled to keep viewer interest and tell a cohesive and connected plot when new characters were introduced in every episode. However, it seems the show found its footing when it finally started to focus on the story through the use of character development. The commander’s backstory interplays with the show’s plot development nicely as fans become aware of her relationship with Zsoltgewinn. Sword Gai: The Animation is known for its fights with Busoma and weapon wielding Chrysalis’s, but the only noticeable action is from Zsoltgewinn’s appearance.

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Gai’s pondering about his existence and connection with the world makes viewers wonder how the show will utilize this protagonist as he’s been taking more of a back seat since his partnering with Ichijo. While they’re complete opposites personality wise, their chemistry contributes to the show’s focus on bonds as characters that are possessed by a spirit in weapon have better resilience toward the corruption of their hearts. Interestingly, that theme echoes a truth that many viewers can relate to when it comes to companionship. If the show hones in more on this aspect, Sword Gai: The Animation could develop more of an everlasting impression that influences its audience to continue watching and wanting more as the plot continues to unfold.

Sword Gai: The Animation enters a climactic battle between Zsoltgewinn, Ichijo, and Gai, but it’s unclear if Gai’s role will be to break the cycle of the Chrysalis’s inevitable demise, or become something else entirely.


Good Bad
Ichijo and Gai's Partnership Brief Fight Scene
Sayaka Moving on With Her Life Gai's Continued Broodiness
Zstolgewinn's Backstory Miki's Fate

- 7/10 -