Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DIrect Reaction: (Blank) is Here!


With the addition of more fan favorite newcomers, 100 stages, and roughly 900 songs in the recent Nintendo Direct, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate lives up to its name.

Everyone is Here… and More!

King Dedede is and forever will be the greatest character in Super Smash Bros. Not only because he is voiced by series creator Masahiro Sakurai himself, but because King Dedede disguising himself as King K Rool makes him one of the best trolls.

Sakurai continued this installment’s trend of introducing highly requested characters. King K Rool, one of the most wanted characters worldwide according to speculation based on information gathered by Source Gaming, will finally make his playable debut after being sentenced to a mii costume in the previous game. 

If Inkling and K Rool are any indication, mii costumes could provide a glimpse into some of the remaining newcomers, like the possibility of Geno. Naturally, it’s not safe to make assumptions, especially with Sakurai who is always unpredictable. After all, Ridley was once deemed too big and Villager initially wasn’t included because the character doesn’t fight.

While many may have seen Simon Belmont coming, his reveal featuring the always-scared Luigi was one of the best yet. Luigi is still Nintendo’s punching bag and the most recent character to “die” in a reveal, following Mega Man and Mario in Ridley’s trailer.

Simon’s whip and various weapons straight out of Castlevania make him unique. His long range might make him and Richter difficult characters to battle. No one saw Richter Belmont, Simon’s echo fighter, coming. Although he doesn’t have much of a following compared to his relative. The next two newcomers caused more of a stir.

It’s another day and Chrom finally got his chance. Despite Smash for Wii U’s Palutena guidance for Robin where Viridi teases Chrom about being too similar to Ike, Chrom is actually an echo fighter of Roy. However, Chrom has Ike’s up b, meaning echo fighters might be more different than anticipated. Chrom is also likely removed from Robin’s final smash, so maybe we’ll get a Grima transformation instead. 
The final echo character revealed in the Direct was Dark Samus, whose floating animations make her more desirable to use than Samus. Whether or not her aesthetic changes have different attributes has yet to be seen.


Everywhere is Here!

The stage list for this game is massive no matter how you look at it and the best part is that there’s something for both hardcore and casual fans. The stage hazard toggle makes stages like WarioWare, Inc. legal for competitive play. Casual players on the other hand might even feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of stages, all of which are fortunately unlocked from the start. Stage morphing, or switching between two stages midgame, was another unexpected addition that will surely spice up gameplay.

Dracula’s Castle is one of the best looking stages yet. The large number of bosses makes it one of the most complex stages. K.K. Slider appears on both Animal Crossing stages if you play on Saturday, so Dracula might appear in his castle under similar conditions. I’m guessing more stages have yet to be confirmed, since there can’t be that many blank spaces on the stage select screen and there may have been a Monster Hunter stage shown.

Everything isn’t Here, But Many Other Things Are!

The ability to use your Switch as a portable music player with 28 hours worth of music might entice people to plug in headphones and listen on the go. The Nintendo Switch is too big to fit in most people’s pockets, but keeping it in a bag while you listen is a more feasible option. 

Squad Strike plays out like a built in crew battle, where two players or teams select three or five characters to face off. It’s unknown whether this plays out like the end of Smash Tour from Smash Bros for Wii U, which featured a one character per stock battle, meaning the next character would spawn after your previous one is knocked out, or if one character losing all of their stocks ends the match and immediately starts another with your next character. This mode could have big implications for competitive play, a direction many of the game’s changes seem to favor.

The chargeable final smash meter is ironically reminiscent of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Giving people multiple ways to play this game is definitely one of Sakurai’s goals. It will be interesting to see if the competitive community adopts meters for side events. Regardless, the meters will make for great fun with friends.

Who and What Else Are Here?

More of almost everything is inevitable with a few months to go and entire modes still unknown. Isabelle and Shadow have yet to appear as assist trophies meaning they might get the Dark Samus treatment and become playable. Isabelle was also a Mii Fighter costume and her large following makes her a strong candidate as an echo fighter for Villager. Richter set the precedent of a third party developer having an echo fighter, so Shadow might be the next addition to the cast as an echo fighter of Sonic.

In terms of more new fighters other than Geno, eagle eyed viewers noticed similarities between DK watching TV and Karate Joe from Rhythm Heaven. This could mean nothing, or it could be a hint that Karate Joe might be coming. Lastly, Bandana Dee’s steady popularity in the East and West could land him a spot on the roster. Even dream picks like Sora and Banjo and Kazooie seem slightly more likely due to Sakurai’s determination to add an unprecedented amount of content and features to the game.

Fans won’t have to wait too long for more information as Sakurai promised to reveal the entire roster before launch. The mysterious new mode coupled with online features might even be enough for another Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct.