Sword Gai: The Animation - Episode 10 Review


Sayaka’s longing for Gai and the theme of understanding one’s purpose spurs more satisfying character development and continues the show’s slow upward trend.

Sayaka’s drive to be with Gai and Gai’s desire to understand himself through his broodiness create an interesting dynamic between characters, while the other owner of the Shiryu takes center stage. Various characters are set to collide with one another as the series nears season two. However, the additional character development through Sayaka’s intimacy is refreshing.

Viewers will likely start to piece together the importance of Sayaka and her bond with Gai through a flashback, but more importantly the scene mirrors the show’s progression. Characters without goals or something to fight for give viewers little to empathize with and aren’t compelling. Sword Gai capitalizes on this notion through Gai and Sayaka’s mental states. Both appear lost and concerned for something beyond themselves, which happens to be each other.

While Gai’s loner attitude can be annoying, it is a good indication of how he can changed over time in relation to Sayaka. On the other hand, Sayaka’s focus on Gai adds another exciting dimension that strays from the show’s previously repetitive plot. The episode’s only fight scene didn’t detract from the story’s plot advancement, although it was too brief. Gai’s development is exemplified through his difficult decision to protect Sayaka, or stay solo on his own path.

If Sword Gai: The Animation keeps up the momentum, the series might be able to engage viewers with its deep themes and fleshed out characters. The show’s success hinges on the cast’s development. But to be fair, the series is moving in the right direction.


Good Bad
Sayaka's Longing For Gai Creepy Hooligans
Ichijo's Challenge to Gai Brief Fight Scene
Character Development

- 7/10 -