Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku - Episode 11 Review

Intimate moments between Wotakoi’s three couples shows how far they’ve developed since the start of the series and proves that love isn’t just hard for otaku, it's difficult for everyone. 

The season finale is divided into four loosely connected subplots to not overwhelm viewers. Every pair shares the episode and comes together in a post credits scene. Thankfully the ending feels like a continuation of the manga instead of an anime original ending meant to abruptly close the story, meaning there’s hope for a second season.

Kabakura and Koyanagi may have gotten into one of their typical arguments, but instead of exploding, Kabakura actually gives boy’s love manga a shot. This contrasts with the harsher Kabakura in the show’s early episodes. Narumi and Hirotaka similarly exemplify development when Narumi goes to Hirotaka’s apartment without asking. Narumi then goes out of her way to take care of him and actually acts like his girlfriend. In addition, the awkward atmosphere between the main couple is finally waning.

Nao, still unaware of Kou’s gender, spends his break working more hours at the cafe, unable to play anything with Hirotaka gaming all week. Despite Kou’s timid nature, she goes to the café multiple times until she is able to find Nao. Her handmade gaming guide for Nao might have been the most effort any character has made for another throughout the season. Although Nao and Kou showed up later in the season than the rest of the cast, their subplot is still just as interesting.

The final scene marks the first instance where all six characters are in the same room. However, they don’t all interact. Everyone else likely won’t get to know Kou until later on in the manga. Realizing the growth of the entire cast in one episode gives viewers a sense of satisfaction and completion alongside the end of the season. 

It’s also worth noting Nao is the show’s “normie” and represents the alternative angle of how love isn’t any easier for someone that isn’t an otaku. While he may not be searching for a relationship, his attempts at friendship with Kou and their potential pairing hint at this theme. 

The relationships might progress slowly, but the development, charm, and comedy of every character makes Wotakoi a wholesome and enjoyable experience.


Good Bad
Instances of Every Character's Growth Lower Animation Quality
Narumi Acts Like a Girlfriend
Kou's Game Guide
One Part

- 8/10 -