Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku - Episode 10 Review

Wotakoi’s penultimate episode follows Nao, introduces a new character, and returns to a familiar setting for more frantic fun.

While the first segment opens with Narumi and Hirotaka in the cafe, the episode shifts focus to Nao when they leave, marking the first Nao centric episode. Subtle remarks from his coworkers show that characters outside of the main cast also see Nao as naïve. The main plot revolves around Nao’s new friendship with Kou.

Nao initially talks to Kou because he believes her to be similar to his brother, alone but content. Although Nao doesn’t realize Kou is female, he does learn that she is different than Hirotaka, despite their shared desire to play video games. Kou may have been introduced too late into the season, but this anime is based off of a manga so there’s likely far more to Kou’s story that won’t be revealed yet. That being said, it’s fair to say Kou and Nao will eventually end up dating since all of the show’s principle characters are in relationships.

Following Nao’s carefree attitude gives the episode a different feel compared to the bubbly Narumi or more serious Hirotaka. Similarly, Kou’s extremely timid and respectful nature stands out from the rest of the cast. Her personality also juxtaposes Nao’s, creating a lot of potential for unique interactions, moments, and laughs that cannot be done with any of the other characters.

This week wasn’t entirely Nao’s show. Narumi and the rest of the gang still appear for a few scenes where Hirotaka struggles to see or do anything at work without his glasses. His folly gives Kabakura and Koyanagi small chances to shine with signature one liners regarding working and Hirotaka’s appearance respectively.  Nao is able to develop without overshadowing anyone.

Another highlight is the return of the online gaming world that previously appeared in one of the show’s best segments. In this episode, the setting serves as a backdrop for Nao to become acquainted with Kou. It seems like it might take a while for Kou to open out or even hang out with Nao in person. Nao subsequently spent a lot more time gaming. If he improves, a victory over Hirotaka in any game would be hilarious, especially because he was labeled as a “normie” by the rest of the otaku group.

The late introduction of a new character with a lot of potential for development, Nao possibly becoming more otaku, and consistently clever scenarios, Wotakoi continues to deliver strong punch lines and relatable moments.


Good Bad
Nao Centric Episode Minor Decline in Animation Quality
Introduction of Kou
Nao and Kou’s Dynamic
The Online Game World Returns

- 8/10 -