Sword Gai: The Animation - Episode 9 Review


A surprising dose of character development between Miki and Mina amidst the reveal of a Chrysalis’ futility improves the show’s lackluster story.

Miki awakens from cryostasis and rejoins Marcus to recover a weapon for the organization. Their mission also reunites Miki with Mina. The pair subsequently realizes the harsh reality of Miki’s condition as a Chrysalis when he merges with two demonic weapons that corrupt him. Focusing on Miki and Mina’s relationship is a nice change of pace that entertains viewers and invokes an emotional response.

Prior episodes often introduced new characters only for them to be possessed by demonic weapons, but the shift to established characters gives viewers the opportunity to finally become invested. Miki and Mina’s trials make the show believable and his condition creates empathy . Miki’s inner struggle with his mortality makes for a touching moment alongside the sudden realization of a Chrysalis’ sad fate. Even Gai’s brief mention of not attaching himself to others demonstrates the grim state of isolation and loneliness that cripples the human heart, rather than the positive perspective of people destined for community and love.

While Miki and Mina’s development is refreshing, Sword Gai would further benefit from developing the rest of the cast. Gai is supposed to be the protagonist, yet he is hardly in the spotlight. His childhood friend at the temple feels like a missed opportunity for Gai’s development and a potential romance that may still happen. Introducing some love and hope might just be what the show needs to feel fresh, instead of the constant corruption and death.

If Sword Gai: The Animation continues to progress in this direction, then the show might recover from its weak plot and unremarkable characters.


Good Bad
Character Development Gai's Lack of Purpose
Miki's Transformation Miki's Corruption
Miki's Fusion With Two Weapons
Relationship Building

- 7/10 -