Sword Gai: The Animation - Episode 6 Review

Shiryu’s origin story and Gai’s mental recovery improve the show’s lack of character development and make the plot more compelling.

Gai’s mental regression subsides after a short battle. He then shares insights into his darkness and separation from the rest of the world. Gai’s personal struggles resonate with Shiryu when Gai’s master tells the story of the demon blade’s creation and malice toward humanity. Meanwhile, Gai decides to follow his previous assailant by joining Chrysalis. The Shiryu’s origin story helps strengthen Sword Gai: The Animation’s storytelling.

The parallel between Gai’s past and present struggles fuels Shiryu’s rage. Both the demonic sword and the protagonist share a strong bond. Unfortunately, Shiryu’s backstory only lasts for part of the episode. However, the show does a great job partnering this with Gai’s perspective on the world. Gai is more appealing and relatable to fans that often feel they are the “loner” type. Shiryu’s story is tragic, but the themes of revenge, hope, and acceptance echo throughout the way Shiryu adapts to his own world as a humanoid dragon.

The series consistently promotes humanity’s desire to kill, along with negative emotions of remorse or revenge rather than a touching story of hope and acceptance. While the show’s dark themes target certain types of audiences, it doesn’t create any emotional investment or contribute to any type of suspense. Instead, the motifs of kill or be killed continue to leave some fans dissatisfied. While Shiryu’s backstory is brief, its storytelling is quite refreshing.

Sword Gai: The Animation’s focus on gathering individuals possessed by demonic swords to fight evil with evil creates an interesting dynamic and a sense of wonder for later episodes.


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Shriyu's Story Brief Mention of Other Shiryu Sword
Character Development
Gai's No Longer a Baby

- 7/10 -