Sword Gai: The Animation - Episode 8 Review


Episode eight deviates from the established cast by focusing only on completely different characters with uninteresting backstories.

Two side stories focusing on treasure hunting in the sea and a hairdresser’s love for their profession eventually merge with each other toward the episode’s end. Each segment presents a new sword with a different spirit that possesses the wearers and creates more death and destruction as expected. The episode seems out of place and lacks plot development as there isn’t any correlation from the previous episodes with Gai becoming a Chrysalis.

It’s unfortunate how Sword Gai’s plot doesn’t have any consistency in how each story weaves into one another. It seems the show’s plan is to draw out more characters with different sword spirits in order to reveal a plot that hasn’t been made clear since the first few episodes. The team comprised of Chrysalis warriors are assigned to suppress Busomas and recover possessed weapons, but even that doesn’t inform viewers of why Sword Gai’s world is suddenly overrun with carnage and mayhem.

While this episode isn’t exactly boring in how the stories playout, the fact that it doesn’t tie anything together with the previous episodes makes the viewer feel bewildered and uninterested in how the show progresses. Sword Gai: The Animation would benefit from having consistency with the previously established characters and if there is a true mastermind behind the show’s conflict. The show’s ambition to grow its character base overshadows the actual plot to where it is unclear and not easily seen as to why viewers should continue watching it.

Sword Gai: The Animation’s only consistency is the constant introduction of characters that lack any development and intriguing traits to have viewers emotionally invested. The story suffers as a result, which ultimately impacts the viewer’s experience.


Good Bad
Murderous Treasure Hunters No Plot Consistency
Gallon's Hammer Backstory No Character Development
Lack of Established Protagonist

- 5/10 -