Sword Gai: The Animation - Episode 7 Review


With Episode 7 of Sword Gai: The Animation, Saiya’s past comes to the present, creating a unique tryst that provides depth to his character. On the other hand, newcomer Midoriko’s demonic possession causes viewers to question the story’s direction once again.

Saiya’s lover, Kei, enters the scene and becomes the primary focal point for creating additional backstory and insight into the life of a Chrysalis. Meanwhile, Midoriko’s first appearance immediately showcases her dark personality and susceptibility in becoming possessed by a demonic sword and engages in a brief battle with Gai and Saiya near the episode’s end. Both Midoriko, young gamer idol, and Kei’s character, a senile woman reliving the past, creates another perspective on escapism from the darkness of one’s mundane life.

The show’s consistency with adding new characters and portraying a small facet of their life prior to possession creates an underlying theme of humanity’s desire to transform into something beyond human limitations. This also adds to the show’s "desire to kill" theme, but viewers would only see this by comparing the various characters introduced in Sword Gai’s world versus our reality. The series is clever on focusing on these elements, but the story doesn’t provide anything new for fans to ponder about nor feel engaged. Saiya’s backstory with Kei was a nice change of pace, and although Midoriko’s character is both disturbing and unique, sword possessions by evil spirits is an expectation that always disappoints.

Gai’s character hasn’t taken the story into any new avenues to create viewer interest in understanding his role as he appears to be the anomaly between all the other Chrysalis warriors the show’s introduced thus far. Despite this, however, the show’s stylish animation and sword fights don’t disappoint as Sword Gai’s animation is visually appealing. But, the series' visual aesthetic is the only thing that’s keeping me engaged, unfortunately.

Sword Gai: The Animation once again falls into a cyclical pattern it can’t escape from. With the show nearing the end of its first season, anime fans can only scratch their heads as to how it will end and if Gai’s character will be the one to break the cycle.


Good Bad
Kei's Dementia Too Many Sword Possessions
Saiya's Backstory No Plot Advancement
Midoriko's Insanity

- 7/10 -