Sword Gai: The Animation - Episode 5 Review

Seiya’s reawakening and Gai’s mental regression do little to improve Sword Gai’s weak plot or further invest viewers.

Seiya reawakens from his sleep and is on a mission to target Gai. Meanwhile, Gai’s trauma from possession regresses him to an infant. Although the episode introduces other characters and reveals multiple Shiryus, the show’s meandering plot leaves viewers wondering what each character is striving to achieve.

There are two opposing forces at work, but with the show nearing its halfway point, Gai still does not have a concrete objective or role outside of being a broody and now childish protagonist. Constant character introductions and possessions merely adds more questions than it answers. It also doesn’t drive new developments with any of the established characters. However, the actions of the demonic swords embody the desire to kill and represent humanity’s corruption, reaffirming Sword Gai: The Animation’s core message.

The show’s animation and musical score is fantastic. Every episode beautifully blends computer graphics into the animation, creating an ultimate mishmash of colors. The show’s dark themes mirror its design through humans transforming into Busomas—demons—and battling each other to the death. The music engages viewers in intense battles, despite being more of the same. Nonetheless, these positive qualities don’t make up for the show’s weak plot. Episodes are repetitive and don’t deviate enough to give viewers an understanding of the show’s direction.

Sword Gai: The Animation appears as if it is in a constant loop. If the show decides to focus on a particular protagonist, it might not only save Sword Gai’s world from Busomas, but may also salvage the show for viewers.


Good Bad
Stellar Animation Gai's Regression
Trendy Music Another Shiryu
Seiya’s “God” Power

- 6/10 -