Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku - Episode 8 Review

A clever take on a seemingly irrational fear and characters questioning the notion of dates make for a memorable eighth episode of Wotakoi.

Narumi kicks off the episode by melodramatically commenting on an incoming storm in the show’s most ominous opening yet. Until the opening theme quickly reminds viewers they’re watching a lighthearted comedy about a group of otaku struggling to lead “normal” love lives. Although the beginning foreshadows trouble, it really just alludes to Narumi and Nifuji’s fear of storms.

Scary storms might be a strange fear for an adult, but it fits Narumi’s ditzy character. On the other hand, Nifuji's reaction is unpredictable. His trauma stemming from losing save files was unexpected. It’s also funnier because it's relatable.

A skittish Nifuji struggles to make it through the work, hitting his head on his desk when startled. With a fear of storms overwhelming him, he tries drown out the thunderous sound with his headphones. Seeing a more vulnerable side of him is a refreshing step away from his cool, calm, and collected personality. The cute scene between Nifuji and Narumi texting each other in a break room with glass between them gives viewers further insight into their childhood friendship. With Narumi working overtime in an empty office, the series still provides some laughs to cap off the first half.

The second half features more relatable moments centered around what a date really is and what should occur on the ideal date. One of the highlights of the episode is when Nifuji asks Kabakura and Koyanagi how they act when they are alone since the pair always fights in front of him. Nao similarly asks Narumi about dates with his brother. Each scenario plays out differently, yet they’re both hilarious.

The animation quality has been consistent, or I at least never noticed any drops in quality. However, Kabakura looks distractingly lower quality in some parts of the aforementioned scene with Nifuji. Thankfully this doesn’t happen for long and doesn’t ruin what is otherwise a great scene.

By the end I found myself cheering for Nifuji to make a “normal” date plan with Narumi that didn’t involve staying home or going to manga and anime stores. Even with the show’s predictable nature, I was satisfied with the conclusion and look forward to next week’s continuation. Wotakoi’s eighth episode is one of the best yet, mixing awkward comedy with “realistic” dating situations and reactions.


Good Bad
Clever Twist on Nifuji’s Childish Fear Animation Quality Drops in One Scene
Hilarious Moments in the Second Half
Relatable Scenarios

- 8/10 -