E3 2018 Impressions - Sony

Even though Sony's conference had an annoying hiatus and a number of technical difficulties, nearly every game they presented had an incredible impact on the audience. Not only that, but some of their best games are exclusives, which keeps pushing the agenda that people need a PlayStation 4 to play some of the best games of the generation.

The Last of Us Part II

Sony starts off their conference with an absolutely mind blowing gameplay demo of The Last of Us Part II. It was genuinely impressive, almost to the point where I wasn't sure if it was real or not. Many thought Naughty Dog would have trouble matching up to Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us. However, it's clear that the company is seriously stepping up. With some of the smoothest animations I've ever seen, compelling audio/visual design, and another great story, The Last of Us II seems like it'll be blow players away.

Ghost of Tsushima

Ever since the release of Infamous: Second Son, I had been patiently anticipating what Sucker Punch would be working on next. Last year, we were given a cinematic trailer that set the tone for what their next project would be. Finally, at Sony's conference, we got to see gameplay. Ghost of Tsushima caught me off-guard with its gorgeous visuals and fantastic world design. It seemed as if every scene was lovingly crafted to provide a powerful cinematic experience. The gameplay seems slow and precise, as players have to carefully plan their strikes on enemies. Players can also climb stuff, which isn't a surprise considering Sucker Punch is developing the game.


Although I was expecting Remedy to show a game at E3, I didn't expect it to be at the Sony conference. Regardless, Control looks like a fever dream full of nonsense. Flying around in such a wild environment seems fun as hell, and I love the classic Max Payne third person style. Control isn't a PlayStation 4 exclusive, and the game has no release date as of yet, but I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Resident Evil 2

Holy crap! With an incredible graphical shift, fantastic voice acting, and a complete gameplay revamp, Resident Evil 2 has never looked better. In nearly every way, RE2 will pretty much be an entirely new Resident Evil, and the fact that it's based on a game that focused on horror should only benefit it. What's even more interesting is that Capcom made the decision to title the game "Resident Evil 2," without "remaster" or "remake" in the name. RE2 is planned to release on January 25, 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Kingdom Hearts III

Ugh... after two painfully similar Kingdom Hearts trailers at Microsoft and Square Enix, Sony showcased a third one at their conference. However, this one was actually significantly better than the previous two. The Pirates world looked wild, and all the insane and exaggerated animations will keep the game entertaining. Unfortunately, the story parts of the trailer still seemed awful. With poor sound design, bad voice acting, and weird character animation, I can tell these cutscenes are gonna be as boring as the ones in Kingdom Hearts II.

Death Stranding

Oh Kojima, that certainly looks incredible, but where's the game? I don't think I've ever been more fascinated by a game's story solely from a trailer. Death Stranding struck a cord with me, showing us that it'll have an absolutely horrifying plot. As a fan of the genre, I cannot wait to play the full game. However, it seems like Kojima doesn't have a game yet. As all the trailer showed was something akin to a walking sim, it's hard to believe there's much else at the moment. Gun play was clearly hinted at with a scene in the trailer where the main character drops his stuff and pulls out a futuristic assault rifle; I doubt those mechanics have been coded yet.

Nioh 2

With a very brief cinematic trailer, Nioh 2 was announced. Although I've never played the original, it seemed like my type of game, considering my love for painfully difficult titles like Dark Souls


Once again, Spider-Man absolutely rocks my world with its quick and satisfying combat. Not only that, but its swinging mechanics seemed so damn fun. Somehow, Insomniac has managed to capture the essence of a superhero movie and simply make it to where you're the main character. I can't wait to get my hands on Spider-Man as the game releases on September 7 for PlayStation 4.


Even though Sony had a painfully long intermission after The Last of Us Part II, they still impress me with their innovative games. I certainly hope they don't try to do something similar next year, as it was a huge waste of time. And Sony, fix your technical problems.