Murderous Pursuits Gets Update and More to Come

Murderous Pursuits, a PvP assassination game by Blazing Griffin, gets an update and a detailed roadmap for what's to come in the future.

Murderous Pursuits didn’t catch the player-base it wanted on release, so many of the planned updates intend to change that. One update allows a party of up to seven friends to queue for a game. It also grants the chance to unlock skins, calling cards, and taunts for in-game use.

In an effort to increase the player-base, Blazing Griffin is also offering a free copy to gift to a friend if the game is purchased off of Green Man Gaming.

Murderous Pursuits is planned to also have a plethora of improvements including levels, abilities, game modes, perks, and even new characters that will have to be paid for. Additionally, a number of updates are planned to fix the bugs and glitches that were plaguing the game post-launch.

Murderous Pursuits is a PvP game where the player is meant to hide from their hunters while trying to kill their quarries. Using numerous perks and abilities, you must hunt and hide at the same time.

Murderous Pursuits is $19.99 on the Steam store and the planned monthly updates will be free.