Sword Gai: The Animation - Episode 3 Review

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Inner turmoil becomes the main highlight for Gai and Marcus as each character reinforces Sword Gai’s primary theme: humanity’s desire to kill.

Shiryu’s fusion into Gai’s body creates an inner struggle for the protagonist, who must cope with the forged weapon’s demonic voice. Meanwhile, Marcus’ stealing of the Azoth sword causes him to become possessed for a brief period before breaking free from the demon’s clutches. Gai and Marcus’s conflict with themselves represents humanity’s struggle through their distorted desires, with the show using demons to tell a dark tale of human folly.

Marcus’s backstory reveals his sadness and inner anger toward his life and past relationships, which feeds into his susceptibility for corruption. Gai’s struggle with self-worth causes his mind to wander, and Shiryu’s call for him to kill echoes in his heart and soul as a result. However, viewers quickly learn that the shrine priestess’s presence becomes a calming agent for Gai. Her intervention promises that she and Gai may become closer as the show progresses.

Zsoltgewinn makes another appearance and attempts to keep viewers enticed, but little is known as to the antagonist’s motive. Viewers can guess the demon’s goal is to recruit the other possessed weapons in order to build an army, but the story continues to slowly progress. Fortunately, this episode provides more character development with Gai and Marcus taking centerstage and ends with a cliffhanger for Gai to unleash Shiryu’s true power.

Sword Gai: The Animation continues to evolve its story but takes a much-needed break on plot advancement to focus on its established characters in order to create tension for Gai’s upcoming battle.


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- 7/10 -