Sword Gai: The Animation - Episode 2 Review

The plot continues to develop with the introduction of Gai as the series’ protagonist. His distorted view on the world reiterates the show’s underlying message of humanity’s thirst for power.

Gai’s previous appearance in the first episode, as a baby, now shifts into his teenage years as he’s working at a local shrine. His bitterness toward his mother abandoning him, after committing suicide, becomes a catalyst toward him inheriting the same obsession as her when she wielded the demonic sword. Gai performs a ritual to purify the sword, but the demonic spirit possesses a priestess and slices his arm off. Gai claims he wants to be a blacksmith, but with his severed arm now fused with the demon sword, he’s left in bewilderment.

The show’s focus on the lust for power and desire to kill paints another picture of humanity through the embodiment of evil spirits within swords. However, Gai’s yearning to be with the demon sword portrays a different perspective through his view of the sword as his true mother. Gai’s feelings of anger and sadness from the woman that gave birth to him show how his reality is far different from a normal person’s. The show consistently emphasizes just how wicked humanity can be when left to their own vices.

Another demonic sword appears and the plot continues to introduce new characters. Viewers get the impression that Gai’s role is to fight against the demons of the world, but only time will tell.

Sword Gai: The Animation continues to flesh out its story while character development lags, but the introduction of Gai creates viewer intrigue around how he will save the show’s bleak world.


Good Bad
Gai’s Appearance No Character Development
Demon Sword Fusion

- 7/10 -