B: The Beginning - Episode 10 Review

Keith’s pursuit of Gilbert and the show’s orchestral sound create an enthralling experience in this episode of B: The Beginning.

B: The Beginning’s episode 10 sets up the series’ final plot-line with a quick flashback of Keith instructing Koku on reaching cannabis in the sky. It also touches on the show’s metaphysical view of religion. The flashback immediately transitions to present time and focuses on Keith’s superb deduction skills as he tries to catch Gilbert before Lily dies. Keith's ability to play out every scenario in his mind and determine the best course of action entices viewers with how intelligent he really is.

For example, Keith uses his astral image to ride along Gilbert in different imaginary scenarios until he is able to deduce Gilbert’s location. This creative imagery is complimented by the show’s music, as it draws out the episode’s suspense and intensity. The show’s suspense and mystery elements continue to shine, with this episode containing the greatest representation of these themes thus far.

The theme of madness is interwoven through the concept of playing God and controlling one’s fate. Gilbert’s character demonstrates this through his erratic and insane hallucinatory behavior, plus the numerous corpses stored in his lab underneath the police precinct. Gilbert’s character has many facets. He plays both the homicidal killer obsessed with the dead, and a prominent member of Market Maker.

B: The Beginning’s conclusion quickly approaches and while one story-line nears its end, another begins.


Good Bad
Character Development
Plot Progression
Emotional Musical Score

- 10/10 -