Kingdom Come: Deliverance Gets DLC Roadmap

Warhorse Studios, developers of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, has revealed a roadmap for future DLC and new content.

The roadmap shows four story expansions, three of which are set to release throughout the rest of this year, as the final one is planned for early 2019. The first DLC is called From the Ashes and will be showcased during the E3 event. It follows the player's journey trying to rebuild a village after it was burnt down. A free hardcore mode will also be coming out on the same day as From the Ashes.


The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon and Band of Bastards are the other two expansions set to release this year, alongside a free tournament mode and two special videos. These videos are titled The Making of Kingdom Come and Combat Academy. Details on what exactly the two expansions will cover are unknown at this time.

After the New Year, the last piece of DLC titled A Women’s Lot is planned to release. Additionally, the game will receive Modding Support for the community. The fourth expansion will be free for those which were one of the early crowdfunding supporters.

There is no set release date for any of the content, but From the Ashes and the game's Hardcore mode are set to release at some point during the summer.