Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku - Episode 6 Review

In Wotakoi’s sixth episode, the group gets caught in the rain and celebrates Christmas Eve in their charmingly geeky way.

The popular kabe-don—a guy slamming his hand on a wall to trap a girl—trope kicks off the episode. While cliche, this brief introduction scene spurs a few laughs thanks to additional developments behind the situation. Nifuji pinning Kabakura is questionable until the camera pans back to show an excited Narumi and Koyanagi frantically snapping photos. There’s another layer to the joke that’s too good to spoil, marking another instance of great jokes consistently starting episodes.

Another trope Wotakoi plays with is the infamous "it's raining and I don’t have an umbrella" scene. However, neither Narumi or Nifuji have one. Their reluctance to get their otaku belongings wet leads a scolding Kabakura to lend them his. The couple’s heart warming reaction and execution of the scene serves as a nice twist on a common scenario.

Kabakura and Koyanagi appear to be a better couple every episode since their fight. Giving away his umbrella went from an altruistic act to an ironic scolding from Koyanagi, then ultimately, a night together. Kabakura’s decision to tell her he forgot his umbrella instead of giving it to Narumi shows his modesty, or maybe he just doesn’t want to give Koyanagi the wrong idea. Either way, Kabakura is one of the more complex characters on the show.

The later portion of the episode focuses on Christmas Eve. Nao returns and reveals more about himself. In the words of Nifuji, a nice guy character with average stats that leaves half way through the game and is forgotten. Narumi and the brothers’ Santa Claus stories match their characters and deliver a unique kind of Christmas Eve experience with little romance for the genre.

The more romantic outing incidentally is Kabakura and Koyanagi, which is arguably the more entertaining couple to watch due to their unpredictable and eccentric behavior. Other highlights include Narumi’s sadness at work, the mystery behind it, and Nifuji’s attempt to cheer her up.

Kabakura in general, twisted tropes, and one of the few instances in the show where we follow the two couples separately make this one of the show’s best episodes yet.


Good Bad
Kabakura Steals the Episode
Nao Returns
Unique Spin on Familiar Tropes

- 8/10 -