Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku - Episode 5 Review

Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku Episode 5 Review

Kabakura’s attitude toward a new character brings a refreshing change of pace after last episode’s stumbles.

Episode five starts the audience off with a tender moment turning comical. More character development is always appreciated, and Wotakoi continues to flesh out the cast through comedic flashbacks and retrospective moments between characters. In this instance, Nifuji discusses his “rebellious” teenage ear piercings with Narumi. When Narumi sets Nifuji up for an emotional reflection by asking if he became the adult he always wanted to be, Nifuji’s unsurprising, but funny response embodies the show’s greatest source of humor - the cast’s lack of shame.

The previous episode made it clear that Wotakoi needed another cast member to spice things up, especially since the four main characters are essentially the only ones. This episode introduced Nifuji’s younger brother, Naoya, the first non-otaku. Naoya’s introduction allows for a number over the top situations to unfold that would otherwise never happen. One of the show’s best moments is when the rest of the characters realize they’ve been openly talking to an “outsider.”

Kabakura’s weariness toward Narumi happily chatting alone with a guy he doesn’t know in public leads to a unique interaction with Koyanagi. Most of the time the pair is yelling, usually at each other. However, Kabakura turns into a fatherly figure, afraid to let Narumi associate with other men. On the other hand, Koyanagi hastily jumps to conclusions regarding the man’s identity. These new sides of a couple that was dangerously close to becoming one dimensional is just what the series needed.

Other highlights include the cafe setting since scenes almost always take place in the same few locations, Nifuji’s anger toward his brother for lacking any semblance of gaming skill, and a post credits scene involving a hilariously “scary” magic trick.

The strength of Wotakoi’s fifth episode through a new setting, character, and scenario makes the previous episode feel less like the beginning of a terrible descent and more of an outlier.


Good Bad
New Non-Otaku Character
News Sides to Kabakura and Koyanagi
New Setting

- 8/10 -