Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku - Episode 4 Review

The fourth episode of Wotakoi continues the show’s trend of showing different sides of relationships and otaku, but with a few less laughs along the way.

A strong opening gag about crying over childhood anime is the high point of the episode’s first half. When the focus turns to the male characters cosplaying as woman, many jokes fall flat due to what feels like a drawn out narrative with predominantly predictable situations.

The second half sees the gang out drinking, where they discuss their relationships and deal with a drunk Koyanagi. Koyanagi and Kabakura’s simple backstory is funnier than what viewers may expect. Unfortunately, the couple’s continuous fights and the casts many boob jokes get repetitive.

Koyanagi makes an interesting point at the end of the episode when she asks Momose if Kabakura is only dating her out of convenience since it is hard for otaku to date normal people. Despite this intrigue, Koyanagi and Kabakura reconcile almost immediately in a strange interaction where she cries and he doesn’t seem to do anything nice to fix things, yet they’re back to normal moments later.

While Nifuji steals the episode with his deadpan one-liners and witty humor, Momose still has charming moments and funny reactions. However, Wotakoi feels like it should have introduced another character at this point to make some of the group’s antics feel a little more varied.

Koyanagi and Kabakura are a more volatile couple than Momose and Nifuji, although the quiet and loud, or passive versus aggressive relationships are almost too clear-cut. Hence this episode running into expected dialogue like another tense argument between Koyanagi and Kabakura leading to Momose and Nifuji comically “handling” the situation. Introducing two more characters, couple or not, with more complex or unique personalities is exactly what this episode needed.

Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku Episode 4

Wotakoi may have taken a big step in the wrong direction, but it’s early enough in the season that one less enjoyable episode among three good ones might just be an outlier. New characters, developments, and more settings in the next episode can quickly turn the show back around.


Good Bad
Each Character Has a Funny Moment Another Overdue Cast Member
Repetitive Scenarios

- 5/10 -