B: The Beginning - Episode 12 Review

The season finale of B: The Beginning centers on the deep bonds of those bound by fate, madness, and beliefs.

Episode 12 addresses the mysteries behind Gilbert’s rationalization to murder. Not to mention the depth of his character through his rooted connection with Keith, as he shares truths about his own inner demons.

Keith’s level-headedness is tested, which ultimately results in him killing Gilbert in order to protect Lily’s life. Meanwhile, the battle between Koku and Laica comes to a gruesome end. Koku's defiance toward fate allows him to rescue Yuna in the end.

The show’s focus on fate becomes the episode’s focal point through Keith and Koku’s battle between their counterparts. Koku manages to defy his own fate of dying as the Black Wing King, and Keith falls victim to his fate through Gilbert’s madness by committing murder.

Gilbert’s final dialogue with Keith, before his demise, expresses this by how he orchestrated the events to test Keith and etch his “code” into Keith's being. Gilbert’s phrasing of the word “code” can be interpreted as leaving a memory behind that will live on and change over time.

Gilbert’s fantasies and actions aren’t the only representation of madness seen throughout the show. Koku battling Laica adhered to his reason for being created, which adds to both the fate and madness concept that the story tells.

Koku’s purpose of being the Black Wing King and following the mythical tablet—serving as God’s plan—demonstrates the cruel fate he must endure. Since humanity’s pursuit of madness lies in recreating beings to become godlike. Nonetheless, the countless murders and twisted thought patterns that the show’s characters exhibited stems from their own beliefs.

Koku’s firm belief in saving Yuna and following his own destiny invokes the power of the human will and spirit to fight against one’s circumstances. The same can be said about Keith’s character in how he kills Gilbert and his feelings on the matter afterward. He doesn’t allow his own madness to take hold, nor does he regret his actions, but instead reflects and moves on toward the future.

B: The Beginning’s story is a thrill ride with many highs and few lows that ultimately ends with viewers feeling satisfied and intrigued, as the final scene hints at possible second season to come.


Good Bad
Thrilling Fight Scenes Unfulfilling Mystery
Dramatic Dialogue
Character Depth
Possible Sequel

- 8/10 -