To The Moon Gets Anime Film Adaptation

To The Moon, an independent role-playing game by Freebird Games, has been greenlit for an animated film adaptation. The film is being funded by Chinese companies, and produced by Japanese companies, both of which are unknown.

To The Moon is an adventure RPG released in 2011. The game followed two doctors who travel through the memories of a dying man to fulfill his final wish. The title was then released on iOS and Android in 2017. Additionally, a sequel titled Finding Paradise was released last December.

Kan Gao, creator of To The Moon and director of Freebird Games, said that he could not reveal which studios are working on the film, but he claims that "first tier Japanese animation production companies are aboard"

In the description of the YouTube video which announced the film, Kan Gao claims "significant budget for the project has been cleared" and continues saying it's "somewhere above the budget for the production of Your Name." Gao additionally claims that he will "play a part in the script editing/advising process."