B: The Beginning - Episode 9 Review

B: The Beginning continues to not disappoint with its thrilling and suspenseful scenes. As the show enters its final stages, viewers are left guessing as to who will ultimately survive.

Episode 9 of B: The Beginning focuses on Keith and Lily escaping a machine gun assault as Koku eliminates another member of Market Maker. This quick action scene follows up with Keith’s interrogation by the lead investigator of the RIS.

Meanwhile, a secret operation commences with Lily's undercover mission. Her objective is to obtain evidence confirming Keith’s suspicion regarding a killer he’s tracked for eight years. Before Lily can reveal the truth, Gilbert, the mastermind behind Market Maker, kidnaps her.

Lily’s pursuit of Gilbert exemplifies B: The Beginning’s suspense and becomes the crux of the episode. While the episode lacked fight scenes, the plot’s intense build up made up for it. One of the most suspenseful scenes is when Gilbert suddenly turns into a car wash and blocks Lily’s communication. Viewers then see her kidnapped in an unfamiliar room. Gilbert appears with the intent to carve her into pieces.

Koku’s involvement in the episode is very minimal. However, he will likely play a major role in the last few episodes, as his mission is to save Yuna and seek revenge by stopping the mastermind behind Market Maker’s killings once and for all.


Good Bad
Suspenseful Minimal Fight Sequences
Maniacal Villain
Creative Mystery Elements

- 8/10 -