Kingdom Hearts III - ToyBox and Olympus Demo

Kingdom Hearts III Gameplay

On Friday, Famitsu streamed a considerable chunk of the Toy Story and Hercules worlds in Kingdom Hearts III. The day before, Square Enix had invited many press representatives to California to play the same demo.

The demo showcased the ToyBox world from Toy Story along with the Olympus world from Hercules. It also introduced a series of new enemies, abilities, and special attacks. The three Keyblades that were featured in this demo include: Smile Gear from the Monsters, Inc. section, Infinity Badge from the Toy Story section, and Ever After from the Tangled section. Attacks like Big Magic Mountain were shown off, along with a special summon of Ralph from the animated Wreck-It-Ralph film.

In addition, Tetsuya Nomura announced that Square Enix would be revealing the release date of Kingdom Hearts III early next month.