Bean Bandit Anime Launches on Kickstarter

Kenichi Sonoda, original creator of Gunsmith Cats and Houjin Exaxxion, announced that he has started a Kickstarter campaign for his new Bean Bandit anime. Sonoda confirmed that the project would have a similar structure to Riding Bean and Gunsmith Cats. Additionally, the short film is taking place in Chicago, akin to the aforementioned titles.

The animation will be at least five minutes long, but Kickstarter stretch goals can expand its runtime to 20 minutes. If the campaign does well, the short film will release on Blu-ray, and Sonoda is hopeful for Bean Bandit to get a film and animated series. Sonoda explains why he didn't go to an animation studio with the idea:

Every time I am invited to events in North America, I am always left with the memory that fans want a new Riding Bean and Gunsmith Cats. One day, my friend brought me a plan for crowdfunding anime. I realized then how fun it would be to make more extreme and more profound animated works just for the fans without being bound by the opinions of publishers and editors.

The Bean Bandit campaign plans to reach 15,000,000 yen (US$135,375) by June 17.