B: The Beginning - Episode 11 Review

B: The Beginning unveils the truth as Koku and Keith’s thirst for revenge rages on toward the show’s finale.

Episode 11 of B: The Beginning centers on Koku’s ascent toward Cannabis, while Keith’s personal vendetta against Gilbert mirrors Koku’s pursuit toward the truth. Koku reaches the airship and defeats a Reggie, forcing him to continue the search for Yuna until the airship, Moby Dick, explodes. Koku survives the attack, but Yuna’s life hangs in the balance. Meanwhile, Keith meets up with Gilbert and learns the truth behind the attack on the institution and the meaning behind the myth in the tablet.

The way B: The Beginning alternates between Keith and Koku allows it to tell multiple stories that intertwine near the show’s end. The twists and turns between the villains keeps viewers questioning the truth until Gilbert reveals everything through his phone conversation with Keith. Viewers can see that both Koku and Keith are trapped individuals fighting to break free from their twisted fate. Keith alludes to this in episode 10 by informing Koku to take matters in his own hands, and Keith follows his own advice with his intent to kill Gilbert.

As B: The Beginning nears its end, viewers see how darkly religious the show has become. Koku and Yuna’s connection with each other serves as an example of this dark religiosity when their hair changes to white, representing the truth carved into the tablet’s inscription. The tablet’s writings act as an inanimate deity through their prophecy for the Black Wing King’s birth and rule over the world. Koku’s embodiment of the Black Wing King and Yuna’s presence contributes to B: The Beginning’s themes of destiny and fate.

The final episode draws near and fans of the series can only guess as to whether B: The Beginning will end in tragedy or redemption.


Good Bad
Fight Scenes Gilbert
Thrilling Chase Portrayal of Abuse
Character Depth and Development
Emotional Intensity

- 8/10 -