Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku - Episode 3 Review

Hilarity ensues in the latest episode of Wotakoi as the gang heads to Comiket and spends the night at Hirotaka’s place.

Narumi’s otaku nature is always apparent, but Comiket, a massive dojinshi fair, lets her passion shine, leading to a string of comedic moments. Cosplay and crazed fans spice up the occasion and even drive the nonchalant Hirotaka to jealousy.

Regardless, their relationship continues to blossom when he unknowingly takes on the dangerous task of watching over her yaoi table. An unfazed Hirotaka actually enjoys the work and the unknowingly obscene gesture of a “mob character.”

Comiket also allows for Hanako’s otaku persona to step into the spotlight with an elaborate Cosplay of a male character. The juxtaposition between Hirotaka and Tarou watching their girlfriends is both revealing and comical. On one hand, Hirotaka couldn’t help but watch Narumi and immediately got jealous of her fans. On the other hand, Tarou avoided paying attention to Hanako to not feel jealous.

The second half of the episode showcases a relatable gamer meet up at Hirotaka’s place, with drunken Mario Kart serving as a highlight. Characters yell lines I’ve often heard people say when playing the game. Jokes slowly lend themselves to further character development in subtle ways, such as when Tarou picks up a book and his couple’s necklace becomes visible. Every episode has steadily made Tarou appear more tender despite his strong, stubborn façade.

Cute interactions between Hirotaka and Narumi turn into a deeper conversation about their past and the current state of their relationship. While misunderstandings like Hirotaka reaching for Wii remotes when Narumi thinks he is leaning in for a kiss retain Wotakoi’s trademark humor, the pair’s relationship slowly continues to develop.

Imperfections like awkward romantic interactions make the title couple more believable and enjoyable for fans to cheer on. Watching Wotakoi is starting to feel like hanging out with a group of charming otaku. Good comedic timing, likable characters, and meaningful interactions are a welcome reoccurrence.


Good Bad
Relatable Gaming Scene Debatable Representation of Gay Fan
Believable Character Interactions
Consistent Laughs

- 8/10 -