John Garvin Answers Rapid Fire Questions For Days Gone

In a quick eight-minute video by Game Informer, Creative Director John Garvin answers questions about Days Gone including things about the world, customizable objects, and how the story progresses.

Days Gone is going to feature a lot of varying elements and the main character, Deacon St. John is meant to make the player laugh, cry, and is an all-around good guy. Garvin even answered the question that asked about modeling Deacon’s nipples. Though you won’t be able to customize what Deacon himself wears or looks like, you will be able to customize your bike and the encampments you have throughout the world.

Your bike is the “best vehicle for the freaker apocalypse,” and you can change things to make it stealthier, have a better paint job, handling, speed and the like. You can lose the vehicle, but it will not move from the last place you left it.

Garvin also answered questions saying that there will be collectibles and loot throughout the game but did not respond on what they could be. The game also has an explanation about how Deacon got where he is throughout the story, told in real time and through playable flashbacks. Garvin insisted that the infected in the game are called “Freakers” and not zombies, though there are similarities. The differences and how it all came to be will be detailed in the story. We will not only be facing the Freakers in the game but also wayward humans, Garvin tells us the final boss is a human himself.

Days Gone is set to release exclusively for the PlayStation 4 early 2019.