B: The Beginning - Episode 5 Review

B: The Beginning's fifth episode's focus on suspense is complemented by the theme of mistrust through character interactions with one another.

This episode centers on the RIS team’s discovery that someone within their branch is a mole. While trying to solve the recent attack on their comrade, Keith’s outside of the box thinking uncovers the truth behind the assailant, and viewers learn of Keith’s ties to Koku when they finally come face to face.

However, Keith’s interactions within the RIS team help showcase the mistrust many of the characters are feeling towards one another. An example of this is when the hidden camera feed within all the team’s smartphones are bugged.

Even the mysterious organization showcases mistrust within itself, as one of its subordinates demand an additional supply of gold ampules, making the leader and his fellow compatriots question the subordinate’s behavior. Interestingly, viewers learned from this brief interaction that a mole is in fact within the RIS team, adding another layer to the show’s mystery element.

The orchestral soundtrack accompanied by the occasional synthesizer contributes to the episode’s suspenseful scenes when a shocking detail is revealed. The fifth episode reaches a new level of death scenes and violence in general. An example of this is shown through one of the characters killing thugs through a barrage of knife stabbing in an alleyway.

Viewers won’t be disappointed with the story progression and the surprising cliffhanger at the end. One of the best moments in the episode is when the traitor within the RIS team has a dialogue with Keith Flick. Their exchange creates a thrilling atmosphere for fans where the music truly shines brightest.

B: The Beginning brings more shock value as the story unfolds and it’ll be interesting to see how all the players eventually come together.


Good Bad
Bone Chilling Music No Super Power Fights
Intense Violence
Thrilling Dialogue
Classic Betrayal

- 9/10 -