Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku - Episode 2 Review

Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku episode 2 further develops the main cast and brings more otaku antics.

The opening scene parallels episode 1 while shedding more light on Nifuji’s character. Episode 2 starts by following Nifuji’s morning routine rather than Momose’s. Nifuji eats an unhealthy breakfast and games on the go, showing the intensity of his otaku habits outside of the office.

Nifuji and Momose’s new relationship spurs some of the show’s funniest moments thus far. The best scene features RPG-style narration over the pair’s awkward interactions. Wotakai uses tropes like one character overhearing another say something offensive for comedic effect as opposed to the sort of tiresome misunderstanding found all too often in the romance genre.

The show’s over-the-top humor is even more apparent this episode as it breaks the fourth wall. The unexpected nature of many jokes and reactions like these makes Wotakoi even more enjoyable.

Wotakoi episode 2 has about the same amount of plot progression you’d expect from a romance comedy, meaning very little. However, Kabakura and Koyanagi’s history and interactions foreshadow another relationship waiting to happen. Both characters also work for the same company and are athletic otaku. The pair serves as a welcome juxtaposition to the title duo thanks to their more aggressive behaviors.

The remaining half of the episode follows Kabakura, Koyanagi, Nifuji, and Momose into a manga shop. Everyone shamelessly browses even the less mainstream genres. This, along with all four characters’ tall and slender appearances, seems to point to a larger message Wotakoi wants to send.

Wotakoi arguably wants viewers to feel like it’s okay to be an otaku. The show portrays the cast eagerly searching for new manga and bailing on their plans to stay inside and read alone, making the otaku lifestyle seem desirable rather than an object of mockery. That being said, Wotakoi is primarily a ridiculous comedy, so any deeper commentary is likely second to making viewers laugh.

More frequent laughs and a better look at two more cast members improve Wotakoi’s solid foundation, but it would benefit from more plot points.


Good Bad
RPG Office Scene No Plot, Just Character Focus
Group Dynamic

- 7.5/10 -