B: The Beginning - Episode 8 Review

Lily’s discovery of Keith’s past and recent collaboration with Koku leads to an enthralling and drama filled episode.

Episode eight of B: The Beginning follows Keith as he sheds more light on the mystery behind the conspiracy foreshadowed earlier in the series. Keith’s revenge is driven by his sister’s death and his knowledge of past events gives viewers new perspective on the main protagonists’ psyches. Lily takes center stage and demands answers from Keith. However, Market Maker, who is actually after Koku, shoots blindly at Keith and Koku’s hideout, almost getting Lily caught in the crossfire.

Lily’s journey to find Keith emphasizes the episode’s drama as viewers learn of the inner conspiracy within the RIS team. RIS’s team leader is working with Market Maker and orders Boris to bug Lily’s car. Lily isn’t aware of the inner turmoil of RIS and plays right into the hands of RIS and Market Maker by locating Keith. These betrayals and conspiracies generate intrigue and entice viewers to continue to watch to see how it all unfolds.

Revenge is another theme pushing drama to the forefront as both Keith and Koku are bound by each other due to their past. Both protagonists focus on killing the one individual who caused great misfortune in their lives, the same mastermind behind Market Maker’s attacks.

B: The Beginning’s focus on character development through dramatic events demonstrates the depth of how far each protagonist is willing to go in order to bring closure by any means necessary.


Good Bad
Lily's Deductive Skills Lack of Fight Scenes
Keith's Intelligence
Additional Backstory

- 8/10 -