Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku - Episode 1 Review

Crisp animation, funny jokes, and trope-defying romance make Wotakoi’s mediocre story worth watching.

Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku follows Narumi Momose, a closet otaku. Momose’s hobby drives her to switch jobs due to an incident, but fortunately her childhood friend works at the same company. Keeping her obsession quiet becomes a lot easier with nerdy co-workers, leading to geeky jokes and entertaining characters.

The show’s cast is predictable and falls into several tropes, ranging from the seemingly tough guy to the guy with little emotion who really cares deep down inside. Momose is the ditzy eager girl in the office. There are different types of otaku in the office as well, like fujoshi and die-hard gamers.

Despite the tropes, character interactions are enjoyable. As long as the writing stays clever and witty, the otaku jokes won’t get repetitive or run dry.

The biggest development in episode one is that the two main characters start dating, which is only surprising because many anime leave romantic developments until the end of the series. Story often takes a back seat to comedy and romance, so getting this out of the way now benefits the show by providing more time for whatever shenanigans will happen throughout the series.

Wotakoi’s opening and ending tunes are catchy, the visuals look great, and musical cues make for funny moments, such as when a co-worker asks Momose if she will attend a convention in front of other employees.

However, while the first episode does a few wonderful things, it doesn’t do enough to make Wotakoi’s introduction memorable.


Good Bad
High Comedic Potential Predictable Characters
Good Animation Generic Story
Catchy OP and ED Unremarkable

- 7/10 -