B: The Beginning - Episode 7 Review

The tragedy of Koku’s past advance the plot, leaving viewers to wonder about the identity of the show’s antagonist and B: The Beginning’s world as a whole.

The seventh episode of B: The Beginning starts with Koku’s impalement and his failure to prevent Yuna’s capture. Koku receives aid from Keith Flick. Then, the entirety of the episode centers on Koku’s childhood and how events unfolded to present day. The show’s use of flashbacks provides insight into how the Promising Ones and the group Market Maker intersect, causing viewers to question the show’s true antagonist.

Aside from this, B: The Beginning’s world building contributes to its religious themes by exploring Koku’s birthright to be king among all of the experimented children.

The reveal of Koku’s origins provides clarity to some unanswered questions about character relationships, but ultimately leads to more questions. The scene where Keith’s dad is betrayed by one of the children is a perfect example of this, as he sees the mastermind behind the attack, but viewers can’t see the person’s face. The same antagonist appears once again near the end of the episode, slicing off the arm of another antagonist whom viewers thought was behind it all.

B: The Beginning’s world appears to have more to tell in its origins than what a single episode can show, but the continued mystery is what gives the series its charm.


Good Bad
Plot Development Lack of RIS
Koku's Backstory More Questions
World Building New Antagonist

- 8/10 -