Spider-Man's Mary Jane is More Than Just a Side Character

In GameInformer’s recent interview with Bryan Intihar, the creative director behind Spider-Man, he claims that Mary Jane will surprise a lot of people with her importance to both gameplay and story.

Intihar was interviewed with 114 questions the other day, and the Mary Jane Watson question stuck out. He says that they wanted to change Mary Jane's character and make her unlike anything seen in the comics.

“We really tried to focus on what would make her feel different,” Paquette Insomniacs’ writer said. “Okay, how to do we have a playable character who is more than just a sidekick?”

They defined Mary Jane as an investigative journalist working for the Daily Bugle. Intihar wanted to make her someone who doesn’t always rely on Peter or Spider-Man. Instead, Insomniac sees Mary Jane as someone who helps him. She has her ways of handling things and knows how to take care of herself.

Mary Jane is even slated to be a playable character throughout Spider-Man. Intihar states that he wants to give players what he calls the 360-degree superhero experience.

"You will mainly be in the superheroes tights, but you can also see what it's like watching from behind the eyes of someone who is normal."

As for Peter Parker and Mary Jane’s relationship, there aren't any secrets between the two, and the story takes place eight years after high school. They seem to have been in and out of their romantic relationship, but events in the game bring them together again after six months of no communication.

Spider-Man is set to release September 7th exclusively for the PS4.