B: The Beginning - Episode 6 Review

Hidden truths come to light in B: The Beginning's sixth episode through the protagonists’ human connection and empowerment.

This episode of B: The Beginning focuses heavily on Keith and Koku’s connection as Keith discusses an organization’s connection from the past. Viewers learn the mysterious organization’s true identity and how the Promising Ones are a part of human experimentation. Viewers see Koku’s past history with Yuna, as she’s the girl he longed for. The plot-heavy episode emphasizes the episode’s theme of human relationships.

Koku’s drive to find Yuna is evidenced by the numerous Killer B markings left behind at crime scenes to let his beloved know he’s alive. The fight scenes in episode six contribute to the theme of relationships, especially concerning the samurai styled fight scene between Yuna and Koku where memories resurface due to their strong bond. The interactions between Koku and Yuna’s in this battle adds to B: The Beginning’s world, with Yuna’s life representing the past and Koku’s the present.

The animation creates a dark atmosphere to underscore the episode’s serious tone. For example, Koku’s impalement by Yuna demonstrates the animosity she feels toward him because of her altered memories. But Koku’s persistence helps Yuna to regain the pleasant memories they once briefly shared.

B: The Beginning’s unraveling of Koku and Yuna’s hidden truths is a stunning riff on the episode’s themes. The show’s emphasis on human connection ultimately delights rather than disappoints.


Good Bad
Character Development Sad Cliffhanger
Stunning Action
Emotional Intensity
Plot Development

- 8/10 -