Wild Arms Smartphone Game Releases This Year in Japan

Wild Arms: Million Memories blazes a new trail onto iOS and Android smartphone devices this year in Japan.

Details on the plot and visuals are unknown, but the game plans to utilize the return of characters from previous installments. Supervised by the original series designer, Akifumi Kaneko, the developers have commented about their fondness for the series and desire to make the game true to the spirit of the Wild Arms franchise.

More details are expected to come as the year progresses, but fans eagerly wanting to sample the new title can listen to a brief track of the game’s opening theme song titled, “Million Memories.” Wild Arms enthusiasts can listen to the track the official website here. As for a western release, no details have been shared.

Wild Arms XF was the last title released for the series in 2007 for the PlayStation Portable. Wild Arms: Million Memories will be the first in the franchise to be available on smartphones and the second to release on a mobile device. The previous installments were all released on Sony PlayStation consoles, with the last console game being Wild Arms 5 in 2006 for the PlayStation 2.

Source: Anime News Network