Overwatch Retribution Event Goes Live With New Skins, Lore, And More

Overwatch’s latest event, Overwatch Retribution, is now live. The event runs from April 10 - April 30 and tells the story of Blackwatch, the Overwatch team’s black ops crew, after a pivotal mission in Venice goes terribly wrong.

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan revealed this year’s event during the Overwatch League competition. Retribution is a new PvE brawl where players are randomly assigned a member of Blackwatch—Moira, McCree, Genji or Reaper—and take on a horde of A.I. Talon operatives during the Venetian night.


A daytime version of Retribution’s new Venice map is now available as an Escort PvP map. There are also plenty of new Retribution skins and cosmetics, including the Moira Blackwatch skin from a Retribution comic earlier this week as well as a Reaper skin featuring Gabriel Reyes as Soldier: 24.

Retribution plays a lot like last year’s Uprising event, which is also available to play until the end of April. Retribution loot boxes also drop Uprising skins, which are now available at a discount if you missed them the first time around. Both Uprising and Retribution are now part of what Blizzard is calling the Archives, marking a lore-heavy look into Overwatch’s scattered past.

To play Overwatch Retribution, you’ll want to be ready for a big patch—8GB on PC and 22GB on consoles. According to Blizzard, the massive update includes some improvements to ease loading times moving forward.