Insomniac Announces Spider-Man Collector's Edition

The developers of the new Spider-Man title, Insomniac, released details and price information regarding the game's Collector’s Edition.

The Collector’s Edition includes in-game content titled “The City That Never Sleeps,” which are three post-launch story chapters that introduces extra missions, suits, and characters. The out-of-game specials include a Steel casing for each copy of Spider-Man, a TBA large statue of Spider-Man, a mini art book and a white spider sticker. All these items are included in the Collector’s edition of the game that is exclusive for PlayStation 4 at $149.99.

Along with all the specials in the Collector’s Edition, people who pre-order will recieve the Spidey suit pack—which will alter his attributes—a PSN avatar, and five extra skill points to get a head start on the adventure. The Spider-Drone gadget, capable of distracting and even disarming opponents without putting Spider-Man at risk, will also be unlocked.

Spider-Man is set to release on Sept. 7 this year, allowing for plenty of time to pre-order the web-slinging adventure.