God of War PS4 Pro Bundle Announced

Today, PlayStation announced the release of the God of War PlayStation 4 Pro Bundle.

It will include the PS4 Pro with Kratos’ Leviathan Axe decal on the top in a grey color, along with a controller in the same color scheme. It also includes the full game and digital content within the package for $399.99, which is the same price as an unbundled PS4 Pro.

PlayStation stated that they worked hand-in-hand on this bundle with the head of the Santa Monica Studios to create the design. They wanted to make the PS4 Pro something its “fans would cherish,” much like the Leviathan axe that they worked so painstakingly hard on.

“I enjoyed every bit of the design process with Cory and the team, because we were united in our vision of what we wanted the custom PS4 Pro to embody,” Shannon Studstill, the head of Santa Monica Studios, said. “The game looks absolutely stunning on PS4 Pro and we can’t wait to share a new beginning for God of War.”

God of War is set to release on April 20 this year, and PlayStation is urging people to get their pre-order “locked in” before the release.