B: The Beginning - Episode 4 Review

Character bonding, backstory, and hidden agendas make intimacy the focal point in this episode of B: The Beginning, all the while adding another layer of mystery to the show’s plot.

The fourth episode centers on Keith’s past, revealing the murder of his wife and how it drove him to become an eccentric detective. Lily’s sudden arrival at his apartment creates a nice dynamic between the two characters arguing over a conspiracy theory that accurately describes the story’s multiple plot-lines. The focus on character interaction adds an element of intimacy the show lacked.

While little details are shared about Lily herself, her determination to understand the meaning behind each case is similar to Keith’s focus, despite his aggravation towards her unannounced arrival. Viewers can see his approach as a self-defense mechanism. He wants to ensure no one else dies like his wife. Surprisingly, this episode slightly deviates from its serious tone with some light humor when the RSU team barges into Keith’s house.

Koku’s brief appearance builds upon the previous episode, as he continues to search for a girl he longs for. It’s interesting to see each main character convey similar behaviors even though they’re worlds apart when it comes to achieving their goals. From searching for completeness, to solving the Killer B cases, and learning the truths of who is behind everything, all of the characters’ motivations are tied to intimacy. Another murder occurs near the end where the RSU team loses a member, setting up the plot to revert back to its well-developed suspenseful motif.

B: The Beginning continues to progress in a positive direction, with more thrills aimed to keep the viewer guessing until the very end.


Good Bad
Relationship Building Koku's Brief Appearance
Conspiracy Theme

- 8/10 -