B: The Beginning - Episode 3 Review

B: The Beginning's third episode goes full throttle with action packed scenes while making the series more appealing through character development.

Intense action scenes like the RSU team hacking into and disabling the security system, and Koku’s deadly combat improves the episode’s pacing and draws viewers attention to character interactions. Character backstories are well executed through dramatic showdowns with the mysterious group that’s connected with Koku, or Killer B’s, group.

Koku takes center-stage in an enthralling and fierce fight against the mysterious woman. She appears to be speak in riddles, but actually conveys details about the past. Interestingly enough, Koku is referred to as the “Black Winged King,” which serves as a codename to the group.

Viewers also learn the protagonist sealed away his own memories to keep the past buried. The show continues to excel in the mystery department as more questions arise from new events.

The animation didn’t degrade with the amount of action sequences and Koku’s barrage of supernatural attacks and abilities. CGI is more prominent in transitions and makes them smoother. This is evident in Keith’s driving as he spins around every corner in search of a flashing light, which is actually Koku’s battle.

Koku’s primary focus in this episode not only advances the plot, but creates intrigue through allusions to a girl he cherishes. She will likely be explored in more detail later on in the series.

B: The Beginning shells out more drama through exciting action and compelling character development by building on established mystery troupes.


Good Bad
Tons of Action More Questions Than Answers
Character Development
Alluring Dialouge
Keith Being Keith

- 8/10 -