Batman: The Enemy Within - Joker's Villain or Vigilante Trailer

Telltale launched two trailers today for Batman: The Enemy Within, showcasing two extremely different sides of the Joker that can be brought to the city of Gotham.

In the fifth and final episode of the series, the culmination of all the player's choices will reflect back onto the Joker. Through the time that Batman has been with John Doe, every decision has pointed the character in one of two directions: villain or vigilante.

These are the paths that the Joker is forced to choose from. With two trailers hinting at almost entirely two different games, not just endings, but the choices the player makes will shape the entire story.

The trailers reveal two unique stories with each of them centering around who the Joker is, unveiling his knack for violence and pain. While both the villain and vigilante share this knack in common, the roles separate who the Joker and Batman are fighting against.

The Villain trailer shows the Joker teaming up with Harley Quinn to take on Batman while blaming him for transforming the Joker into the killer he is. In the Vigilante trailer, the Joker is seen fighting alongside Batman against Amanda Waller’s insidious Agency while struggling with his insanity and adhering to Batman "rules."

Batman: The Enemy Within will launch this Tuesday on March 27.