B: The Beginning - Episode 2 Review

The second installment of B: The Beginning continues to deliver suspenseful content, but lacks character focus unlike the previous episode.

Character development takes a backseat, as this episode focuses on gathering the main protagonists—RSU team and Koku—into the same location, but are separated due to the sudden conflict each of them face.

The motif of the episodes beginning with a gruesome death and slowly building tension stays strong, but it fails in delivering more character development.

Each episode so far has begun with an intense scene involving a murder, and the rest of the episode centralizes on it as the focal point for plot development. The show’s usage of suspense derived from characters that are mentally unstable helps navigate viewers in understanding the rising action of the episode’s progress.

However, the action sequences and allure of mysterious characters only makes a small impact in B: The Beginning’s world. Tension mounts near the end of the episode where the RSU team is in a pinch and must devise a solution to save everyone; this entices viewers to keep watching through the use of cliffhangers.

Koku’s enigmatic persona as Killer B doesn’t get much screen time, as the story focuses heavily on the RSU team tracking down the latest criminal.

Hopefully, as the story progresses, more character development will arise. Nonetheless, the animation remains solid and the catchy opening and ending theme songs will continue to delight anime fans.

While the structure of the storyline for the second installment focuses mainly on advancing the plot, rather than character development, it isn’t a bad thing.

B: The Beginning’s strength is in its elements of mystery, and only time will tell if the show’s reveals are as good as its build up.


Good Bad
Mysterious Elements Lack of Action
Interesting Plot Development Lack of Character Development
Details on Protagonists

- 6/10 -