0°N 0°W Review - A Funky Trip into 0 North 0 West

0°N 0°W provides a genuinely relaxing experience, allowing the players to soak up the unpredictability of it all.

0°N 0°W is a simple game about finding doors. The challenge is presented with incomprehensible images and figures that litter a universe while the player is given no intention of what to do or what it all means. But, it makes for an excellent visual as the world changes into something different with a smaller or larger dramatic impact after each instance.

Have you ever wanted to try hallucinogenic drugs and put on a laser show, listening to calming sounds that help you sleep at night? All while believing you are a person running around trying to find a limitless number of doors? Well, 0°N 0°W saves you the trouble by bringing you all of this within a controlled legal environment, allowing you to zone out and search endlessly for an exit through waves of colors and shapes.

Popping the Figurative Pill

The game starts with a first-person point of view that follows an ordinary day in a city. The player rushes off in a car and leaves the town to begin a journey of some sort to a far away place. As the player ventures away from their home, the world gains color. Once the player reaches the gas station, the world turns into a trippy retro themed version of itself where the player must enter their first door.

The game feels like the beginning of a crazy trip and the player is brought along for the ride. There is no shortage of worlds and colors through these doors, but you always start out in a room with the time 13:47 on the clocks. This room becomes the only thing that continues to link the player back to a poorly solidified world that breaks apart upon leaving that space.

Every time we find a door, we are sometimes presented with the option of choosing another entry point. As this continues, the doors increase in number and choice. As you move on, you start to question what you are actually doing in this game.

What to Do? What’s the Point?

This game has a beginning story that spans all of about two minutes until you arrive at the game’s first location. What exactly that story is, we aren’t sure, but it doesn’t give you a middle or an end. The player gets to decide where they want to stop, when they want to continue, and where they want to go. The player can even choose to go back through the doors they had just entered from. It becomes a game about freedom, choice, and personal narrative. There seems to be no real purpose to this game other than to walk or run around and explore worlds of endless colors or lack thereof. The places aren’t the only things that change, your gravity and speed do as well. With everything in constant flux, there is always something to look at. It engages your imagination, creating scenarios that could make a person wonder what exactly all of this is.

The point of this game is its superfluousness. It’s an unnecessary, incredible mess. It has no apparent goal, story, or character.

A Soundtrack to Sleep and
a World to Keep You Awake

0°N 0°W does have the visuals and music to keep you guessing while you zoom freely, finding your next portal. As with the rest of this game, the soundtrack and world seem to be in flux to not only entertain the player, but also themselves. With music that hints of birds chirping, waterfalls, and rainforest collages, it seems to want to put the player to sleep. The world is always in constant motion, with or without colors to help guide it that way. With your eyes glued to the screen to find an objective that will lead you to the next world, it seems like your senses are getting a mixed signal, and aren’t sure what to do. That signal makes for an interesting, slightly unpleasant feeling, akin to playing an RPG and knowing that the boss is right around the corner.

A Nice Playthrough

With no clear objective, the player can stimulate themselves with the sounds and visuals without having to think of a strategy or what to do next. It’s a zone of zen for people who have a hard time concentrating and it allows them to create something vivid with their mind. It becomes a peaceful intricate world if the player allows it to.


Good Bad
Vibrant Colors No Conclusion
Zone of Zen Undefined Character/World
Soothing Music, Dynamic World
Absolute Freedom
Fun, Ecstatic Movement
Personal Creativity

- 8/10 -