A Place Further Than the Universe - Episode 7 Review

A Place Further Than the Universe Masked

A Place Further Than the Universe continues to be cheesy with an obnoxious misuse of flashbacks. Thankfully, the comedy remains rather amusing, and the gorgeous visual/aural execution props up the script considerably.

As the four girls prepare to board the ship to Antarctica, they overhear gossip suggesting that the expedition might not work out as planned. In an attempt to confirm or deny this rumor, the group sneaks around to learn more about their upcoming journey.

A Place Further Than the Universe continues to capitalize on incredibly tacky speeches in an attempt to seem beautiful, but this just comes off as obnoxious. For example, towards the end of the episode, Shirase finally manages to speak in front of the expedition team. By mentioning her name and just saying a few generic lines, everyone begins clapping, and even the grumpy team captain finds her amusing. The show tries to make certain scenes seem heartwarming or emotional, but there’s little reason for them to be either of those things. Regardless, the performances and orchestral pieces help evoke the emotions intended by this scene, as the script feels too detached from reality to do so.

A Place Further Than the Universe Flashback

One aspect that is becoming particularly silly is how the series will quickly flash back to events that occur in the very same episode. For example, one of the expedition leaders claims the reason she wants to revisit Antarctica is to take another look at the gorgeous sky. When Shirase discovers the glow-in-the-dark starry night left by her mother, it cuts to the scene previously mentioned. It’s as if the director cannot trust the viewer to notice the continuity on their own. Even if the audience doesn’t notice, it would be much more satisfying to have them discover it, rather than shove it in their face.

Thankfully, the series retains its fun sense of humor. While it can be a bit repetitive, at times solely relying on exaggerated reactions, it’s still entertaining on screen. However, the fast paced skits could’ve been used more frequently.

As the series draws us closer to Antarctica, it seems to be losing some of its edge. It’s still cheesy, and the comedy hasn’t changed much, but there’s an added dramatic element that’s quite poorly done. Without emotional responses that feel genuine, the series might not be in the best shape from here on.


Good Bad
Solid Humor Inauthentic Drama
Aural/Visual Synergy Weird Flashbacks

- 6/10 -